[ppml] My idea was a non-starter

Owen DeLong owen at delong.com
Thu Oct 2 15:59:14 EDT 2003

> I think our best bet is:
>     Pass 2003-15 as is at this meeting
>     Pass 2003-3 as is at this meeting

I believe that's 2002-3, not 2003-3.

>     Introduce a new proposal to cover the missing
>             bits from 2003-3 for the next meeting.

Except that this already existed and the AC rolled them up together in
2002-3, leaving allcation out.

Passing 2003-15 as is WILL disenfranchise a significant portion of the
ARIN constituency (or at least the potential ARIN constituency) by granting
relief that was asked for previously by all of ARIN to a sub-portion of
ARIN.  I believe that is not good policy.

> That's assuming that you think the specifics from 2003-15 should apply to
> North America.
I think the speicifics of 2003-15 should apply everywhere.  However, 
I can only affect their application to ARIN, so, that's what I will try to 


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