[ppml] My idea was a non-starter

Alec H. Peterson ahp at hilander.com
Thu Oct 2 09:38:09 EDT 2003

As it happens the information Owen had about how the policy process works 
(which came from me) was not entirely correct.  We can indeed change the 
content of 2002-3 and/or 2003-15 without another policy cycle provided 
there is general consensus for said changes.  I'm not exactly sure why I 
thought anything else was the case, it probably has to do with the fact 
that we have never had anything close to consensus on anything related to 
ARIN's minimum allocation size, so another policy cycle has always been 
necessary.  At any rate, I apologize for misleading people about that.

So, as far as how to move forward, at this point the AC is considered the 
'author' for 2002-3 (the original authors did not want to continue work on 
it).  So the people on the AC who have been working on 2002-3 have been 
following the discussion and will decide on an appropriate plan of attack. 
2003-15 is not an AC proposal at this point, so any changes made to it 
prior to the AC meeting will probably need to be initiated by said 

Note that consensus on these issues is far from guaranteed, as we've 
already been through several policy cycles without much luck, but hopefully 
the compromise the AC has tried to strike with 2002-3 will allow things to 
finally move forward.

Chair, ARIN AC

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