[ppml] Policy Proposal 2003-15: IPv4 Allocation Policy for the Africa Portion of the ARIN Region

mlawrie at zanet.co.za mlawrie at zanet.co.za
Thu Oct 2 01:53:54 EDT 2003

Owen DeLong wrote:-

> Just got word back.  The idea I had for expiditing 2003-15 for Africa,
> while still tying it to getting what is needed for all of ARIN would
> still delay it,.....

...yet your "best bet" proposal will also delay 2003-15 by at least 
one meeting.....

>.... so, I think our best bet is still:
>  Pass 2002-3 as is at this meeting.
>  Amend 2003-15 to be ARIN-wide and ask the AC to fast track it
>   for approval at the next meeting.

The position of that word "still" is open to debate, it implies that 
at some stage the agreed best bet actually *was* as you propose, and 
this is not the case. Perhaps you "still think" as per your (not 
"our") best bet, and many "still disagree" with your thinking.

It is easy to read from your proposal that

a) you accept that 2002-3 is inadequate, because you concede that 
2003-15 is necessary in some form or other as well

b) you are willing to delay a desparately needed 2003-15 for the sole 
reason that you don't wish *anyone* to get what they are asking for 
until *everyone* can get this as well, even though no one has 
submitted a proposal requesting this and could have done so had they 

c) you don't believe that getting a concession for one area of ARIN's 
control eases the path for subsequently extending that concession, 
which belief runs contrary to a great deal of experience.

IMHO, the best action is

   Decouple 2002-3 from 2003-15
   Deal with each proposal on its individual merits
   Deal with extending 2003-15 (were this needed) at a later meeting

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