[ppml] Comments on the 10/23/2003 NRO document

Eric B. Decker cire at deckerstone.net
Thu Oct 23 22:24:47 EDT 2003

I'm one of the ARIN elected members to the ASO/AC and I've been
watching the development of the NRO proposal since its inception.

I have a few comments.

In section 6 of the NRO MoU it states that the NRO EC shall only
take action by unanimous agreement.  Doesn't that strike anyone
as a recipe for deadlock?

I've also noticed a few folks bringing up the issue of the mixture
of operational and policy develoment activites.  I also concur
that these should be seperate functions.  I have yet to see
these questions answered cogently.

Thanks for your time,

cire "i am only an egg" eric
"I could have done it in a much more complicated
way", said the Red Queen, immensely proud.
			-- Lewis Carrol, Alice in Wonderland
Eric B. Decker
email:	cire at deckerstone.net

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