[ppml] Policy Proposal 2003-7: Announcement of New ARIN IPv4 Blocks

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Thu Mar 6 12:32:15 EST 2003

ARIN welcomes feedback and discussion about the following policy 
proposal in the weeks leading to the ARIN Public Policy Meeting 
in Memphis, Tennessee, scheduled for April 7-8, 2003. All feedback 
received on the mailing list about this policy proposal will be 
included in the discussions that will take place at the upcoming 
Public Policy Meeting. 

This policy proposal discussion will take place on the ARIN Public 
Policy Mailing List (ppml at arin.net). Subscription information is 
available at http://www.arin.net/mailing_lists/index.html 

Richard Jimmerson 
Director of Operations 
American Registry for Internet Numbers (ARIN) 

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Policy Proposal 2003-7: Announcement of New ARIN IPv4 Blocks

ARIN should make an effort to allocate and assign IP blocks so 
that allocations and assignments of the same size (such as 
micro-allocations, small, middle, large IP blocks) are made of the 
same /8 block as much as possible. In cases of allocations and 
assignments smaller then current minimum allocation size for ISP 
subscriber members (so called micro-allocations and micro-
assignments), these allocations and assignments should be made 
from the IP block specifically reserved for micro-allocations and 
assignments. Minimum size allocations and assignments for each 
/8 block should be listed on the ARIN website and with additional 
information about the blocks where micro-allocation and assignments 
are made.

ARIN should request new /8 blocks from IANA at least 6 months in 
advance of expected need and allow at least 4 months wait period 
between the time it received the block and first allocation or 
assignment that is made out of new /8. After IANA has made an 
assignment ARIN should provide information regarding new IP block 
and expected minimum allocations and assignments to be made out 
each /8 block ARIN has received to ARIN announcement mailing lists, 
network engineering mailing lists as well as send email to technical 
contacts for all ISP subscriber members and end-users regarding this 
new IANA assigned block. An additional announcement should be made 
one month or less prior to first assignment or allocation. If 
complaints are received by ARIN regarding routability problems with 
new IP block, ARIN may make additional announcements on mailing lists 
as needed and all complains received by ARIN regarding operational 
issues with new IP allocations and assignments should also be forwarded 
to proper regional mailing list (such as NANOG). When changes are made 
in the future regarding minimum allocation or assignments from any /8 
block, additional announcement must be made at least 30 days prior to 
first smaller size assignment or allocation.

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