[ppml] Policy Proposal 2003-3: Residential Customer Privacy

john at chagres.net john at chagres.net
Fri Jul 25 15:30:05 EDT 2003

I disagree with your LERG comparison.

Having a NPA/NXX "allocation" is NOT the same as having 3 phone lines
at home (otherwords an "assignment").

Phone number is ASSIGNMENT.

The end user is not required under RIR rules to justify usage to
the RIR, only the LIR is required to support and justify their
usage of the space received from the RIR.  If the end user is able
meet the LIR's requirements, then that is al they need to do.

The telephone company doesn't question me about why I need 3 lines
at home.

I for one do not want my cable company listing my home address with
the static IP I have.  Its no ones business where I live, and its 
most certainly NOT the RIR's domain to require that my home address
be listed because I received an assignment.

People talk about NAT, some recent state laws could be read as making
NAT illegal....  

On Fri, Jul 25, 2003 at 03:16:27PM -0400, Joe Provo wrote:
> On Fri, Jul 25, 2003 at 01:59:53PM -0500, BARGER, DAVE (SBIS) wrote:
> > I don't disgree.  But the intital focus was specific to residental 
> > customer privacy.  I just wanted to clarify that point.
> Psudeo-anonymity/privacy lies in the land of dynamic and NAT'd 
> addressing. If there's a *need* for consumption of finite resources, 
> there's a *need* for accountability. If someone needs 'permanent'/
> sizable allocations, why do they need to hide? Is there a theory 
> that the lack of 'privacy' (psuedo-anonymity) is preventing adoption 
> of IP technology?  
> I question the premise that "small home-based businesses" desire to
> conceal their resource utilization is valid. The phone book analogy 
> is not applicable; if the customer is getting semi-random segments 
> of /32s, that is more like telephone number assignment. Many service
> providers *do* offer non-contiguous multiple addresses to their end 
> users (and indeed with many technologies that is as easier if not 
> easier to use and implement than 'proper' subnets).  A more apt 
> telco analogy for the desire of contiguous netblocks is an 
> organization having an NPA/NXX - are there unlisted entries in the 
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