[ppml] Policy Proposal 2003-3: Residential Customer Privacy

BARGER, DAVE (SBIS) db6906 at sbc.com
Fri Jul 25 14:44:02 EDT 2003

This policy proposal is not intended to allow "organizations" to opt out of
contact information.  The proposal is expressly targeted at individuals, not
The purpose is to protect the individual's privacy, specifically name and
home address.

Dave Barger
Senior Technical Director
Network Engineering IP Management
SBC Internet Services
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> P.P.S. we are talking about the public whois directory here, not ARIN's 
> internal
> databases which they collect from us under NDA. There will, of course, be 
> a lot more
> detail about allocations and assignments in ARIN's internal systems.

How does moving some WHOIS data into an internal database better serve
ARIN's community?  The details of allocations should be as transparent as
reasonably possible, and the level of information in WHOIS at present is
sufficient except that it lacks verification - which is a different issue.

The idea that an organization should opt out of listing any contact
addresses because they aren't willing to communicate regarding problems
with their netblock seems quite counterproductive.


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