[ppml] Increase the flexibility of IP allocations to facilitate planning

jlewis at lewis.org jlewis at lewis.org
Tue Jul 22 23:09:05 EDT 2003

On Tue, 22 Jul 2003, Leo Bicknell wrote:

> So, if you ask your customers "how many devices you have" and record
> that number, and they are randomly distributed, and you always
> assign the smallest possible block, you'll never get above 75%
> utilization on average.

Interesting example, but I question its relevance and completeness. 
First, for every leased line customer you hook up, (assuming Frame, T1, T3,
etc.) you're likely to also burn up a /30, and though only 2 IPs are being
used, I'd count all 4 as used since you can't do anything with the first and
last IPs in the /30.  That's going to skew the % utilization higher...but
more importantly, AFAIK, ARIN only cares how much of your IP space you've
used/assigned/allocated...not how much of the space is actually in use by
devices, as long as you're being reasonable (following ARIN guidelines) with
your assignment of space to customers...so in your example, the 75% average
is irrelevant.  If you've assigned >=80% of your IP space to customers or
internal use and can justify the assignments, you qualify for another

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