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Hi Jim,
The very gist of this article was discussed at length at NANOG in Eugene,
and we all agreed it is quite the chicken and egg situation.  
I have every confidence that the U.S. will not be left behind.


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We all have been talking about V6 and the timetables of adoption amoung
other things..
Curious enough, I found this on a British website..
Should this be tried in the US? if so, who should sponsor? ARIN? IETF? 
Take a look at the article, even though it is by a tabloid IT newsletter, it
some value.

Comments anyone?  Should this be a topic at the next ARIN meeting?
Or should we wait until UK, and Euro make the move and we get dragged
kicking and screaming into it?

Anyway, just a thought or three...

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