[ppml] Any backbones that do route IPv6?

Hyunseog Ryu HRyu at norlight.com
Thu Jan 9 17:32:40 EST 2003

I guess main reason for not seeing IPv6 as a product is because of customer
(technical) support issue and stability issue mostly.

But if you are willing to run IPv6, you can run IPv4/v6 gateway or use IPv4
tunnelling for IPv6 routing.
That's why you are getting different result from different group from same

In my humble opinion, question for product availability of IPv6 is
depending on your situation, not Internet backbone support of IPv6.
Can you support IPv6 setup, and routing issue with your current staffs
including NOC technician?
Can you deploy IPv6 without service impact from current your network
backbone equipment?
More bug from routers? Router ability to support IPv6?
Or other thing you may consider...

I guess most ISP consider that compared to demand for IPv6, they don't want
to risk stability from current platform.


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Ahh, right, back door information.  Which is GOOD in many
cases, and David has previous association with Qwest (if
memory serves me correctly), so knowing the right people
with enable on a router helps.

The issue I think Mury and I are talking about, at least
one of them, is that The normal process of getting connectivity
with a backbone does not see IPv6 as a product.

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> Mury,
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> > There was some speculation that backbones were or were not routing
> > IPv6. I've checked with Genuity and Qwest and both have
> told me they
> > have no plans to support the routing of IPv6.
> You probably checked with the wrong people. I have a native
> ipv6 peering with Qwest at the PAIX. They might not have it
> deployed across their backbone, but it is certainly possible
> to get ipv6 service from them today.
> David K.
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