[ppml] Re: Deployment triggers, dates and definitions WAS: backbones

Alec H. Peterson ahp at hilander.com
Thu Jan 9 17:11:51 EST 2003

--On Thursday, January 9, 2003 15:02 -0700 "John M. Brown" 
<john at chagres.net> wrote:

> Personally I think that YOU as an AC person should be
> taking the role of:
> Hmm, MY members are finding this to be an issue and maybe
> I should pay attention and try to figure out what the
> problem sets are.
> Instead your tone, at least in this message is:
> Don't ask questions that aren't strictly focused to an
> allocation policy, or have other forums to handle them.

Hrm.  Perhaps if I take this massive sledge hammer in my right hand I 
really can manage to get this square peg in my left hand to fit into this 
round hole in front of me.

Look John.  I'm all for making ARIN's policies as sensible and helpful as 
possible.  You seem to have a rather large stake in this discussion as 
well.  So I'll ask again, why don't you get the ball rolling in a 
_productive_ direction by putting together a policy proposal to address 
your concerns, instead of just continuing to complain about how broken the 
existing policy is.

If you look at ARIN's policy process, policy proposals are supposed to be 
introduced by the community and flow through the chain from there.  It is 
the job of the AC to help guide the policies through the process.  One way 
that we accomplish this is to try and keep discussions related to policy 
actually focused on the issue at hand, such that we don't get sucked down 
into a rathole.

John, I've know you for quite a while now.  I really, truly wish that you 
would start trying to actually suggest helpful solutions to the issues you 
see, instead of just constantly talking about how broken things are without 
offering helpful suggestions.


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