[ppml] Re: Deployment triggers, dates and definitions WAS: backbones

John M. Brown john at chagres.net
Thu Jan 9 17:02:43 EST 2003

Alec, those topics are part of policy development.

If there is no support for the policy, or the policy
tells potential users to go elsewhere (say to an ISP)
that doesn't have or cant or won't deploy v6, then
the policy is broken.

The current policy has a routing loop in it.  End-Sites
must goto their ISP/LIR.  My ISP/LIR doesnt have, doesn't
plan to have, and can't get v6 space.  My ISP's ISP/LIR
has no plans to deploy v6 anytime soon.  Best guess is
1 to 2 years from now.  End-Site told to goto 6Bone, 6Bone
says goto LIR/ISP

Personally I think that YOU as an AC person should be
taking the role of:

Hmm, MY members are finding this to be an issue and maybe
I should pay attention and try to figure out what the
problem sets are.

Instead your tone, at least in this message is:

Don't ask questions that aren't strictly focused to an
allocation policy, or have other forums to handle them.

Members have a RIGHT to discuss issues that afffect
policy, and you have an OBLIGATION to listen to them.

> > What is the topic?
> IPv6 allocation policy.
> Not 'why isn't IPv6 deployed yet'.

Yes it is.  Policy today is for a deployed world like
the v4 world is today.  Its not deployed yet because
of barriers to get the resources needed to deploy.

> Not 'what backbones support IPv6'.

Yes it is.  If there are no backbones that support
v6, then how can someone downstream make use in a
non-tunneled way.  Policy today directs smaller 
users to their LIR/ISP, which today are not deploying
the resource.  Others have the resources but have not
made it available to downstreams.

> Not 'How do I deploy IPv6'.

Yes it is.  Its part of the ARIN Charter.  Right from
the ARIN home page:

"Applying the principles of stewardship, ARIN, a nonprofit 
corporation, allocates Internet Protocol resources; develops 
consensus-based policies; and facilitates the advancement of 
the Internet through information and EDUCATIONAL outreach"
That last part seems to fit.-------------
Education is part of stewardship, its part of what the classical
"Doing the Right Thing" means.  Its suppose to be an infection
that grows and builds amoungst the users of the net.  One person
helping another learn and grow.  Seems some have forgotten that
aspect of yesteryear. :(

> There are other forums for that.
> Alec
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> Alec H. Peterson -- ahp at hilander.com
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