[ppml] back to the IPv6 Policy questions

Mury mury at goldengate.net
Thu Jan 9 15:28:22 EST 2003

> Mury,
> I wholeheartedly agree that education is a necessary task in the discussion
> of IPv6 policy. I simply don't think the ppml is the proper forum for that
> education to take place.

Barbara, I also agree that this is not the proper place for an "education"
to take place.  However, if there are some common misconceptions, I do
think it is important to dispell them along with the facts.  A few people
just fired back comments basically telling people to shutup until they
tried it themselves.  That's not going to further the cause... assuming
you believe in the cause.

I would also like to ask where you think an appropriate forum would be.
Like I said I agree that this isn't the place, but with the lack of a
better place questions are going to arise here.  Maybe there is a place
that ARIN members can be redirected to for more technical type
discussions, and I just don't know about it.

> I do think ppml is the proper forum for discussing whether the policy as it
> exists fulfills the needs of early and long-term adopters. That is
> obviously related to the education question since people need to know what
> questions to ask, both about the policy and their own network needs.
> If we, as the ARIN members, decide that v6 education should become a high
> priority for ARIN, then we can take the necessary steps to communicate that
> to ARIN staff, and to set up resources for performing the task, or point
> people to fora where the education resources are already available. You,
> yourself, found many such sites and helpfully posted the urls to this list.

Yes, I already posted the URLs ;)


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