Renumbering with IPv6 WAS: [ppml] Get you IPv6 Today,

Mury mury at
Thu Jan 9 03:12:57 EST 2003

> But the point is, you still have to syncronize the event of switching
> routers and switching the DNS data, if you don't have the opportunity
> to overlap.

I don't think I understand what you are saying.  We switch routers and DNS
data every day.  It's rarely a problem if you know ahead of time.

> And if an ISP goes bankrupt without notice (yes, it happens) and you
> suddenly have to switch to another, how do you restore your DNS IPs
> when you can't get any verification because your GTLD A records still
> point to the old ones?

Of course ISPs go bankrupt.  They usually keep operating however.  Even
so, if they were to shut their doors completely it would be awesome to be
able to simply change a couple lines in a router and in a DNS server than
the total nightmare you can have with having to renumber with IPv4.


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