[ppml] Get you IPv6 Today, lets update the policy

Thomas Narten narten at us.ibm.com
Wed Jan 8 14:30:54 EST 2003

"John M. Brown" <john at chagres.net> writes:

> The ARIN region is behind other regions in deployment of v6, thus
> it seems to make sense that we need to mod the policy for our
> region.  Maybe continue an "early adopters" waiver for another 24
> months or something like that.

You seem to be assuming that because ARIN is "behind" the other
regions in terms of IPv6 deployment, something must be broken in the
current ARIN policies. I would like to question that assertion, in the
spirit of "let's not try fixing things until we're sure they are
really broken".

I would turn the question around and ask whether folk seriously
believe the current policies are in fact preventing folk who are
serious about deploying IPv6 from getting the address space needed to
do so.  And if so, what aspect of the policy is at issue.


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