[ppml] Get you IPv6 Today, lets update the policy

David Conrad david.conrad at nominum.com
Wed Jan 8 12:33:15 EST 2003


Speaking only for myself...

On Wednesday, January 8, 2003, at 09:05  AM, Klement, Charles wrote:
> My understanding, is that this is not possible under v6.

Sure it is.  IPv6 is just IPv4 with more bits (:-)).

> One of the goals
> of v6 is to maintain a tight hierarchy in the routing tables.

Or rather, to limit routing table thrash due to unaggregatable prefixes.

> This means
> that you can't send specifics to one provider or another.  You can 
> only use
> the address space that you are assigned from your provider with that
> provider.

Unless IPv6 deployment comes along with a police force, there is 
nothing stopping consenting ISPs from doing whatever they want with 
regards to announcing specific to each other (or to anyone else for 
that matter).  You don't need to renumber, always-on mobility is 
trivial, multihoming just requires your multiple ISPs accept your 
prefix and you are completely independent of your ISP.

Of course, this doesn't scale particularly well...

> If they would open this up and allow a "swamp" then this would allow 
> me to
> purchase transit from multiple peers.

It is fun watching history repeat itself.

> I'm referring to the fact that although I represent thousands of users
> across many locations, I do not qualify as an ISP (LIR) because I don't
> actually sell service to anyone.

I don't think there is a requirement that money change hands.


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