[ppml] Waiver of IPv6 Fees

David Kessens david at iprg.nokia.com
Tue Jan 7 15:02:56 EST 2003


On Tue, Jan 07, 2003 at 11:52:38AM -0700, John M. Brown wrote:
> waiving the fee is a good thing.
> having barriers that prevent people from even being able
> to apply is a bad thing.
> thus, having it be free (for some period of time) doesn't
> mean much to those that can't get the space because of 
> other barriers.

In my experience it is easier to remove barriers one by one.
Let's not keep complaining about the fees while we really want
to complain about the policy.

After the fee structure, it is pretty clear that many people think that
the policy is a problem too. 

However, so far, I have seen many people complaining about the policy
but very little evidence that they were really unable to get

Yes, the barriers in the policy seem high, but after closely reading
it, you will find that it is really not so hard to get addresses.

At the same time the policy is not perfect and there are certainly
some issues for a number of different business models that in my
opinion should be able to get addresses but that cannot right now.
Let's try to collect these cases and see if we can revise the policy
with such cases in mind at some later time in the future.

John M. Brown wrote in an earlier mail:
> Calling my local Verio, UUNET, Sprint providers resulted
> in a great big HUH, when I asked them for IPv6 space, and
> a further HUH, when I asked them to provide a native IPv6
> connection...

You evidently called the wrong number or didn't ask enough questions
since at least one of the above mentioned ISPs is able to help you
out. Quite frankly, I don't expect every sales guy in small town New
Mexico to know about ipv6 (yet), but I do know that there are people
in the above mentioned companies that I was able to contact who know
more about ipv6 and who can help you with your needs.

David K.

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