[ppml] Waiver of IPv6 Fees

Dave Diller ddiller at cogentco.com
Tue Jan 7 13:29:58 EST 2003

> you are asking ARIN to become more involved with their
> membership community.  Not something I see them doing any
> time soon.

Seeing as how this is PPML, perhaps you should formulate a "You All Suck A
Whole Lot" Policy Proposal and have it put to a vote?  Then at least we'd be
on-topic for once... ;-)

Personally, I fail to see how waiving the fees is a BAD thing if you are trying
to promote v6 adoption, which was all the scope of the notice covered.  If one
year is too short a time-frame for an extension that's one thing that can be
discussed and "Policy-fied".  Similarly, if there is a sense that the policies
for Allocs are completely useless, will never work, and should be done over,
well fine - good luck, get some discussion going, but where were the complaints
when they were being formulated initially before they were adopted by ALL the
RIRs?  Seems to be a bit late now...


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