[ppml] Waiver of IPv6 Fees

william at elan.net william at elan.net
Mon Jan 6 21:28:09 EST 2003

Well sure, I'd take a medal of ip6 space, who could refuse that :)

But in reality I think providing ips at no charge for some forever is not 
right - neither democratic, nor can we know for sure what will happen 
to arin & other rirs in far future. On the other hand providing ip6 until 
new technology is well established would be good idea to help technology. 
And I'm talking about long period of time when saying "temporary" -
10 years or more with extensions for the future possible if goals have not 
been meat on the establishment of technology and availability of ips.

And at some point, I'd expect people to be able to get ip6 easily from 
their local dsl/cable/dialup/etc isp for their use. I do not see the 
problem of renumbering as big thing - if we use A6 dns records for 
example and setup dns server & computers properly, then changing ISPs 
would involve only one line in dns server setup for entire network (no 
changes on computers, dns zone files, etc - everything can be hierchical 
and point to root of your /32 to your upstream dns, etc).

Personally I'd probably prefer to keep ips I get, but if we want to do 
that, I'd prefer to see 6bone or alike organization officially established
as non-profit and when people who were founders and early users of such, 
got so far as creating new technologies, establishing new companies and 
making lot of money they could donate some of what they made and at 
some point enough money could be available in the bank for interest payments
along to be enough to pay for continuing service of that particular ip 
space to RIR (at say $5000/year expense, it would need to be around $500,000
which is not an impossibly high emount), so that for those in the organization
the ips would continue to be free. 

As I said before, i better idea is to have 

>     > Just to be clear - I'm basicly for what Bill Woodcock is proposing, I just
>     > think it should have been done slightly differently. But if nothing else,
>     > doing ip allocations by ARIN to individuals for small or no charge to
>     > encorage deployment will work too. I just want it to be clear from the
>     > start that such allocations would be temporary and not like swamp space...
> I'm not for temporary.  I think that's exactly the problem we have now.
> Nobody's willing to invest themselves in getting it going, because they
> know that success means that they have to start paying someone else for
> the privelege of using what they just built.  That's not the way things
> get done on the Internet.
>                                 -Bill

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