[ppml] Waiver of IPv6 Fees

Bill Woodcock woody at pch.net
Mon Jan 6 18:49:51 EST 2003

    > Just to be clear - I'm basicly for what Bill Woodcock is proposing, I just
    > think it should have been done slightly differently. But if nothing else,
    > doing ip allocations by ARIN to individuals for small or no charge to
    > encorage deployment will work too. I just want it to be clear from the
    > start that such allocations would be temporary and not like swamp space...

I'm not for temporary.  I think that's exactly the problem we have now.
Nobody's willing to invest themselves in getting it going, because they
know that success means that they have to start paying someone else for
the privelege of using what they just built.  That's not the way things
get done on the Internet.


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