[ppml] Waiver of IPv6 Fees

william at elan.net william at elan.net
Mon Jan 6 18:00:00 EST 2003

That is what 6bone was for - to help indviduals develop new protocol and 
adapt it. Its unfortunate it was decided to discontinue the project, 
instead RIRs should have donated some resources to keep it running.
What should have been done is to have RIRs allocate special block (from 
each RIRs allocation) to 6bone and have 6bone then allocate to individuals
from it with 6bone becoming LIR for all practical purposes. Its possible 
RIRs could have also acted as agents for allocation purposes on behalf of 
6bone but I do not believe RIRs should directly be allocating in the same 
manner swamp space was allocated by internic before.

And even now I think RIRs (ARIN in particular, RIPE and APNIC are already 
doing some) should do more to get involved in encoraging adoptations of 
ipv6. Instead of trying to decide what schedule to adopt, ARIN should 
instead be using ipv4 money to compensate (up to some set amount that 
ARIN board should decide on) ipv6 related expenses (which I do not think 
are large at all) and not only that but to encorage companies to use ipv6 
(i.e. for example send letters or brochures to members & subscribers 
about availability of ipv6 and need to change to new ip standards for 
future, etc). What is being done now with extension of no charges for 
ipv6 is good, but the way it sounds is "we do it free for now, but just 
wait couple more months and we'll be happy to charge you for it".

And  remember - it will not matter what schedule you adopt, in reality 
ipv6 will be flat-rate for all practical purposes. Even now ARIN says they 
get over 80% of revenue from smallest ip blocks - just imagine what this 
number will be when ipv6 is used commercially everywhere!

On Mon, 6 Jan 2003, Bill Woodcock wrote:

>     > And last of all - just give them away to anyone who wants them.  No need
>     > to be a subscriber.  You might find they'll move faster that way.
> Yeah, I think that if there were some sort of
> no-recurring-fees-for-early-adopters sort of thing it would get things
> moving a little more...  Honestly, the way it worked with IPv4 was that
> the addresses got into the hands of the _individuals_ who were smart
> enough to do something with them, and then the individuals pushed them
> into companies and service providers.
> If we don't have some way for smart people (not corporations with budgets)
> to get v6 address space, we stay stuck in the chicken-and-egg position.
> This doesn't decrease RR revenues, since the people who'd pick up address
> space that way wouldn't be dues-payers otherwise.
> I mean, imagine a situation where a smart person's alternative to running
> a NAT on their home DSL was to run v6 behind their home DSL.  That would
> get things moving.
>                                 -Bill

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