[ppml] Waiver of IPv6 Fees

Joe Baptista baptista at dot-god.com
Mon Jan 6 16:33:34 EST 2003

On Mon, 6 Jan 2003, Member Services wrote:

> During its November 17, 2002, meeting the ARIN Board of Trustees
> extended the waiver of fees for the allocation of IPv6 address
> space to current IPv4 subscribers from January 1, 2003 until
> either such time as December 31, 2003 or a new IPv6 fee schedule
> is published, whichever occurs first.

Completely understandable - no one seems to want them.

Maybe you should consider giving them away for as long as it takes to make
IPv6 viable.

Also - i understand a number of IPv4 subscibers who's original allocation
was from the canadian registry have had their requests for free IPv6
turned down.  Maybe that situation should be reviewed.

And last of all - just give them away to anyone who wants them.  No need
to be a subscriber.  You might find they'll move faster that way.

joe baptista

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