[ppml] ASO Address Council Update

Mark McFadden mcf at uwm.edu
Tue Jan 14 14:36:00 EST 2003

For your information:

At the Seattle ARIN Open Policy Meeting I was elected to one of the ARIN
seats on the ICANN Address Council.  A couple of important things have
happened since Seattle and I wanted to bring you up-to-date.

Last year the Address Council was chaired by Barbara Roseman.  Recently
Barbara has taken on a position at ICANN and resigned her seat on the
ASO AC.  While I'll miss Barbara on the AC, I think you'll agree that
adding Barbara (along with John Crain who is already there) will add a
conspicuous quantity of clue to ICANN.  I hope you'll join me in wishing
her well in her new and challenging role.

In early January the Address Council worked through its standard,
internal procedures and elected its chairs and co-chairs.  I am happing
to be serving as chair of the AC this year.  I am joined by Hans Petter
Holen and Hartmut Glaser who are serving as co-chairs.

You may be following the efforts of ICANN to engage in reform.  One
aspect of that effort is that the Address Council is required to appoint
a representative on the ICANN nomination committee.  The role of the
nomination committee is to elect some of the future ICANN board members.

The Address Council's long-term goals include establishing an open and
transparent process for this election, just as with the ICANN Board
member elections in the past.  However, with the timeframes we are
currently working with (the NomCom will begin work around the first of
February), the AC will elect a first representative to the NomCom.

Since I represent all of the ARIN community on the Address Council, I'd
be happy to hear from any member of the ARIN community and ARIN region
with a suggestion for nominations to the NomCom position.  Please drop
me a note by January 20th at aso.ac at mcfaddencentral.com.

In the coming weeks the Address Council will hold a workshop and then a
regularly scheduled teleconference.  I'll return with another update on
the Address Council after those meetings.


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