[ppml] What do we do with 2002-6?

Bill Woodcock woody at pch.net
Fri Feb 28 15:18:50 EST 2003

    > Last call on the mailing list is there to give people that were unable to
    > attend the meeting to let their opinions be heard.

Great in theory, except that's not how you folks are using the list.
A very small number of people on the list, nearly all of whom were also at
the meeting, are using it, in relative privacy, to countermand the
decisions of the majority, which were discussed and made publicly, in the
meeting.  I find that really annoying.  I wouldn't care if it weren't
making extra work for me, when I already have plenty on my plate.

    > that being said there
    > was a significant amount of traffic reference this policy with much of it
    > pertaining to what the public felt were loopholes that could lead to abuse.

What the public felt we heard and addressed in the meeting.  I encourage
you to compare the numbers.

We also heard that there had never, in the entire history of the policy,
been a case of abuse or even attempted abuse.  So we've wasted hours and
hours and hours in mangling an already-over-long policy still further,
_for the possibility_ of preventing _hypothetical future waste of a
few minutes of hostmaster time_.

    > my question is does the rewording of the policy make that much
    > difference in regards to the other RIRs?

Of course not...  This re-wording makes it somewhat more cumbersome and
awkward than the existing policy, but no sane person could possibly care
about it at this level of detail.  The problem isn't what the words say,
but that if people go and try to change the words in teh wrong forum like
this, it _triples the amount of work I have to do_.  I didn't sign up to
do this three times, I signed up to do it once.  And if people on the list
make a habit of screwing up the process like this, it's going to make it
impossible to find anyone to do the work at all, in the future.  I know
it's going to take a lot more pursuading to get me to take it on again
next time.  The pool of non-staff multi-region members isn't that big, and
many have even less time for this kind of nonsense than I do.


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