[ppml] What do we do with 2002-6?

Bill Woodcock woody at pch.net
Fri Feb 28 12:42:32 EST 2003

    > I'm curious if you could explain this part a little more, I actually do
    > not see how that proposal has anything do do with "RIR-shopping" and in
    > fact how that is at all possible when geographical regions are clearly
    > defined.

It's quite a common practice.  Anyone who's present in multiple regions
can choose which policy they feel like using on which occasions, as best
suits their needs at that moment.  There's a general desire among the
registries to discourage this practice, for a wide range of reasons, and
the best way of discouraging it is through cleaning up pointless
discrepancies between RIR policies.  Of which this is an example.  I don't
particularly care about this issue, per se, the point of the motion was to
bring ARIN into line so as to avoid pushing ARIN members to shop the other
RIR's policies.


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