[ppml] Draft 2 of proposal for ip assignment with sponsorship

Alec H. Peterson ahp at hilander.com
Fri Feb 28 10:00:04 EST 2003

--On Friday, February 28, 2003 7:56 AM -0700 "Alec H. Peterson" 
<ahp at hilander.com> wrote:

> I know exactly what would happen, and you are exactly right.
> But there is more to the Internet than just you and your company, and the
> attitude that you are only considering your needs and not the needs of
> the rest of the Internet is somewhat disappointing.

That didn't come out quite right.

What I meant to say is that the connectivity to your company is one part of 
the issue, and an important one.  But we need to consider the impact that 
these policies would have on the entire Internet, and you are just focusing 
on one piece of it.

I agree that it would reduce the effectiveness of your multi-homing.  I am 
trying to point out that it is probably a bad idea to potentially sacrafice 
the good of the entire network so that multi-homing for a few companies 
will work better (assuming the whole network does not shutdown, in which 
case it won't work at all).


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