[ppml] re: /24 no justification needed

Einar Bohlin ebohlin at UU.NET
Thu Feb 27 17:52:43 EST 2003



A multihomed customer is allowed one /24 from one of their
upstream ISPs regardless of host count.


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On Thu, 27 Feb 2003, Marla Azinger wrote:

> ok... Thank you for the input on the micro allocations...
> But...now you bring up another interesting subject... you wrote in the
> middle of one paragraph:
> "/24 is
> already includes as automatic minimum with no justification"
> At the last conference people stood up to the mic and said this exact same
> thing...but when I went and confirmed this with ARIN staff they said
> no...everything has to be justified.  So I would like some dogma here ...is
> it true or not that a customer can be given a /24 if they want to multi-home
> even if they wont use all but one quarter to a half of the assignment?
> Thank you
> Marla
> ELI IP Analyst

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