[ppml] draft for another proposal

william at elan.net william at elan.net
Thu Feb 27 07:29:26 EST 2003

I'm trying to make a draft for another proposal which I have actually 
mentioned even several months ago. This is to specify how ARIN assigns 
new ip blocks as to make sure all micro allocations and assignments
are in the /8 specifically known to have these small assignments and
this is needed for proposals 2002-5, 2002-6, 2002-7 as well as any 
other proposals for micro-assignments and it seems unnecessary waste of 
space if same statement as already exist on 2001-3 had to be added into 
each proposal, easier to just make it a global policy.
In addition to that new part is trying to deal with how ARIN makes new 
IANA assignments known. In part this is due to many complaints many have 
seen (especially on nanog) regarding block and how some 
ISPs have not updated filters in time even now, those receiving 
allocations from this block are having problems!

I'm not sure how to even call this proposal yet, so feel free to make a 
suggestins on the name, if its needed at all, if its better be devided 
into several proposals and on the text itself (which I'm not too happy 
with actually). Here is the text I have so far as draft of this proposal:


ARIN should make an effort to allocate and assign ip blocks to ISP 
subscribers and end-users so that customers with allocations of the same 
size (such as micro-allocations, small, middle, large ip blocks) receive 
assignments from the same class-A block as much as possible. In all cases 
of allocations and assignments smaller then current minimum allocation 
size for ISP subscriber members, these allocations and assignments should 
be made from CLASS-A block specifically reserved for micro-allocations 
and assignments. 

ARIN should request new CLASS-A blocks from IANA at least 6 months in 
advance of expected first allocation or assignment. After IANA has made an 
assignment ARIN should provide information regarding new ip block and 
expected minimum allocations and assignments to be made out of this ip 
block on network engineering mailing lists as well as send email to 
techical contacts for all ISP subscriber members and end-users regarding 
this new IANA assigned block. An additional announcement should be made 
one month or less prior to first assignment or allocation and if complaints
are received by ARIN regarding routability problems with new ip block, 
ARIN may make additional announcements on mailing lists as needed and all
complains received by ARIN regarding operational issues with new ip
allocations should also be forwarded to proper regional mailing list such 
as NANOG. When changes are made in the future regarding minimum allocation
or assignments from any CLASS-A block, additional announcement must also 
be made at least 30 days prior to first smaller assignment or allocation.

ARIN should also conduct one-time audit and afterdards provide updated
information on its website regarding smallest size blocks it has allocated 
or assigned for each CLASS-A block ARIN has received from IANA. 


One last note - I'm not sure if this can actually be a policy as it 
regulates how ARIN operates and makes assignments rather then how 
members or end-users deal with ARIN.

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