[ppml] Draft 2 of proposal for ip assignment with sponsorship

Forrest forrest at almighty.c64.org
Thu Feb 27 00:26:06 EST 2003

I think ARIN doing audits on the space periodically and/or doing checks 
when you pay your renewal fee would be a lot more reliable than hoping 
that an upstream would notify ARIN if you ceased being their customer.  
There are providers out there whose billing systems are so screwed up 
that they'll continue billing you for services long after you've stopped 
using them.  Yet they will somehow magically notify ARIN that you're no 
longer a customer even when they're own billing department doesn't get 
the message?  

As sad as it is to say, I just don't think you can rely on everyone to be 
good netizens, so ARIN needs to be more proactive.  If everyone was, you 
wouldn't have problems like people announcing a bunch of unnecessary /24's 
instead of their larger aggregate or people still filtering 


On Wed, 26 Feb 2003, McBurnett, Jim wrote:

> I would rather not see this language. The policy states that ISP A or ISP B must inform ARIN
> when this happens. I know we can't depend on this to work, but if we build in a backup, why even
> ask ISP A or ISP B to inform ARIN of this change?
> Jim
> > 
> > I think some sort of language saying that ARIN will do audits of the 
> > assignments from time to time is needed.  Or perhaps when you 
> > pay your 
> > annual renewal fee, you should have to provide proof along 
> > with it that 
> > you are still connected to more than 1 upstream.  Basically 
> > something that 
> > will prevent someone from being multihomed today, get a micro 
> > assignment, 
> > and then drop their second provider while keeping their micro 
> > assignment.
> > 
> > Forrest
> > 

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