[ppml] IPv6 Justifications

John M. Brown john at chagres.net
Mon Feb 24 18:21:33 EST 2003

seems unlikely that we will repeat the swamp problem
since people can't even get the space to begin with.

is it avoidance, or has the ball swung to far
the other way that we are "BLOCKING" the adoption
of space by way of a visceral desire to not repeat 
all the mistakes of the past.  

perfect may be our enemy of getting it done here.....

john brown
IXNM, New Mexico's Neutral IX and Co-op
Wanting portable IPv6 Space, never having 200 /48 clients
thus not meeting the requirements, thus can't get
space, thus no early adoption......

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> > Would someone please explain to me why in gods name ARIN thinks they
> > need
> > to continue the IP justification anal-probes into v6?
> Swamp (or repeating history) avoidance?
> Rgds,
> -drc
> (Speaking personally)

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