[ppml] Re: Draft 1 of possible proposal for ip assignment with sponsorship

william at elan.net william at elan.net
Wed Feb 19 15:25:44 EST 2003

Same as previous doc but without inline comments for easier reading on how 
it looks as a whole. I prefer you respond to previous email.

Under this policy proposal, a company or individual may become ARIN client
and receive IP allocation from ARIN without becoming ARIN member if it has 
a sponsorship of two or more ARIN subscriber members.

A company or individual may not directly contact ARIN to request ip
allocation under this policy, instead contact first needs to be made with
companies that will act as sponsors and after these companies have
verified technical details of the request, one of the future sponsors may
submit the request futher to ARIN.

ARIN members that agree to act as sponsors for the ip request under this
policy must have business relationship with the company or individual
requesting ip allocation. If in the future this relationship is 
terminated, the sponsor agrees to notify ARIN no longer then 30 days after 
such anevent that it will not continue to be a sponsor.

An entity that has received ip block according to this policy may change
one or more of its sponsors at any time, it must then send information
regarding its new sponsor to ARIN and ARIN must verify such request
with listed subscriber member.

If entity that has received ip block has less then two sponsors for
period longer then one month, ARIN may withdraw its ip block assignment
provided 30-day notice has been issued to the last known mailing address.

In the event that a sponsor becomes aware that any information regarding
ip request received under this policy is no longer valid, a sponsor must
notify ARIN or verify that sponsored organization or individual has
already made necessary updates.

There is no minimum or maximum ip block size for allocation that company
may receive under this policy but any ip allocations made must be
according with guidelines listed in RFC2050, except where other ARIN
policies may take precedence.

An entity that has received ip block according to this policy may not at
the same time have another ip block according to this or some other
policy for period longer then 6 months except where special arrangements
have been made with ARIN.

An entity that has received an ip block is responsible for making regular
yearly maintanence fee payments according to special maintance schedule to
be adapted by ARIN board of trustees. ARIN must provide a renewal invoice
to last known mailing address by the yearly renewal date and if payment is
not received up to 30 days after the due date, it must contact sponsors to
verify the correct address. In the event that ARIN is unable to make
proper contact with the entity or when payment is still not received
90 days after the due date, ARIN may withdraw ip block assignment and must
then notify all existing sponsors of such an event.

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