[ppml] Revocation

Ron da Silva ron at aol.net
Wed Feb 19 16:11:53 EST 2003

On Wed, Feb 19, 2003 at 11:01:46AM -0800, Owen DeLong wrote:
> Whatcha all think?

Nice detailed proposal.  One area that needs some more meat is
the definition of abuse.  Any suggestions there would be great!

I do have some particulars about the details to consider...

> 2.	Each RIR should publish a list of valid prefixes and the ASN to which
> 	they were Allocated or Assigned.  Ideally, this list should be available
>  	in a machine-readable format and published by means of a well known
> 	protocol.

Do we need a mechanism for downstream allocations/assignments to be mapped
to an origin ASN by the ARIN member when downstreams are not members?

> 5.	ARIN should set up a revocation review committee made up of
> 	representatives from ARIN members with allocations and nominated
> 	by the ASO AC.  The members should be elected for a 2 year
> 	term by the community at large (similar to the ASO AC election
> 	at the ARIN/NANOG meeting).  The committee should consist
> 	of 7 members.

Nominated by ASO AC or ARIN AC?  Or, by general community?  Any requirements
for candidacy?

> 6.	The revocation process should look something like the following...
> 	B.	ARIN staff investigates and confirms abuse.  If abuse is
> 		not confirmed, the process ends here...

How is abuse confirmed?  Again, related to the definition of abuse.

> 	D.	If, 15 days after the message is received by the maintainer,
> 		the abuse has not been resolved, ARIN should immediately
> 		revoke the applicable allocations and/or assignments,
> 		and refer the matter to the committee.

Similarly, how is resolution of abuse determined?

> 	E.	If the maintainer wishes to appeal the decision, he should
> 		notify the committee of his desire to appeal within 30
> 		days.  The maintainer should submit his appeal in written
> 		form (preferably via electronic means).  The committee has
> 		60 days to review the information before it must render a
> 		decision.  The committee's decision is final...

How does one ensure that there is no abuse by the committee itself?
Or do we trust the judgment of the committee based on the nomination

Also, would a reinstatement process be needed?


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