[ppml] List modification

Owen DeLong owen at delong.com
Wed Feb 19 14:33:43 EST 2003

>> No it doesn't, because people still reply-all anyway.
> .. and those people very often do not think about whether everyone on the
> cc list *should* have a copy of their response. Think about how much time
> that can waste.
Agreed.  Point is, changing the Reply-To won't solve that unless you also
make it _VERY_ time-consuming to reply off list by stripping the other

> NB: I had to think about how to reply to this, then hit the 'Reply to All'
> button (one that I only very rarely use), and then remove three cc names,
> merely to ensure that this response arrived at the list. If that action
> has to be repeated 50 times per day per internet user, that will be
> something like 50 x 20 seconds x number of internet email users (say 10
> million). How many wasted hours does that add up to?
> --

Right...  Well, you need a better mailer, or better proficiency with your
current mailer.  It sure didn't take me 20 seconds to hit reply, click the
appropriate button to reply only to the list, and start typing my message.

I'll say it took me probably about 1 second  to get from reading to typing.
I figure about 80% of the people who do a significant volume of email are
proficient enough with their mailers to do this in <=5 seconds, and that you
and I are exceptions at opposite ends, so, giving the idea 10% take 20 
10% take 1 second, and 80% take 5 seconds, I figure it's more like:

	10*1+80*5+10*20=610/100=6.1 seconds average.

Now, let's assume that this exceptional action is ONLY required for list
mailing responses, which is probably more like 10 per day for most users,
we're at 10*6.1 seconds per day per user.  So... What exactly do you plan
to do with the extra minute you gain by inconveniencing everyone who likes
it the way it is?


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