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Brian Bergin arin_ppml at comcept.net
Wed Feb 19 13:25:21 EST 2003

At 12:55 19 02 03 Wednesday, Owen DeLong wrote:

>--On Tuesday, February 18, 2003 7:08 PM -0700 "John M. Brown" 
><john at chagres.net> wrote:
>>if the PPML list is cc'd and not the prime, you
>>then have to have multiple rules.
>Or a rule with a "To: or Cc:" clause.  (big deal)
>>In addition you get multiple copies of the same
>Yep.  This is useful in some cases.  (Sometimes I want to know that
>something in a thread is a reply to what I said instead of  more of
>the thread in general.  In those cases, I have different rules for
>To: and Cc: which work just fine.)

That's why usenet would be a better place for this type of discussion.

>>For example:
>>This email will send to Jim and Owen, plus the list,
>>which will send it to Jim and Owen  AGAIN
>>So Jim and Owen will get this message TWICE, have to filter
>>twice and store twice.
>Yep.  Again, this is useful.

Really?  IMHO it's a waste of bandwidth, storage space, and my time having 
to look at more than one copy of an e-mail.

>>Having the list set reply-to: to the list reduces this to
>>only one email each.  It also ensures that the LIST
>>is receiving mail.
>No it doesn't, because people still reply-all anyway.

Setup correctly reply all would only have the list address.  The person's 
address would still be in the headers, but someone would have to manually 
put their address in the To:, CC:, or BCC field.
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