[ppml] Abstract of proposed Internet Draft for Best Current Practice (please comment)

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> >>2. RIR's are not the place to fight hackers, DDOS'rs etc
> >
> > The RIRs are key enablers because they delegate the abused
> >resource.
> What does spam have to do with IP addresses?
Each and every item of spam originates from one (or more) ip addresses.

> How is the RIR any more responsible than the vendor who sells
> someone a router?
The RIR's are "responsible" for maintaining the register of IP address
blocks. The LIR/ISPs are responsible for maintaining their allocated blocks.
This includes (in the case of the majority of LIR/ISP's) ensuring that
generally accepted internet rules are *complied* with.

> And what happens to all the non-spamming customers of an ISP
> who has their addresses revoked on the basis that a another
> customer spams? Will each of those innocent customers have a
> potential lawsuit?

They will quickly realise that, should this happen, that their ISP has
breached the rules and that they have a choice. Stay with the ISP who now
cannot service their customers needs, or change to another ISP, probably one
who *does* implement (and police) acceptable AUP's.
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