[ppml] Proposal to change how the PPML LISTServ works

Sweeting, John John.Sweeting at teleglobe.com
Wed Feb 19 08:46:57 EST 2003

In all fairness to RichardJ and the ARIN staff I have never seen this
request on any of the ARIN mailing lists. It is good that it has now been
officially requested on the PPML as there will be an archive of the request.
I would suggest that everyone that has a request of ARIN that affects the
public at large to officially voice it on the PPML in order that it be
documented in the archives. This will keep us out of the "he said", "she
said", "I requested but received no response" mode. Thanks. BTW this is not
directed at John but to everyone that participates on this list. 

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Subject: [ppml] Proposal to change how the PPML LISTServ works

I'd agree.  Getting added to all the CC's means that
active posters end up getting multiple copies of the
same thread.  this is annoying and a waste.

the reply to should be the list.  if you want a private
reply then edit the to: part of your out going msg.

the attached email is in support of this change from another
list user.

I have recommended this several times to RichardJ at arin,
with little to no response.

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At 19:16 18 02 03 Tuesday, you wrote:
>Brian - Please send this to ppml at arin.net.  In order to have a 
>productive policy discussion, we need this type of dialogue there.  
>Consider addressing which contact info is required, optional, how to 
>interface with providers who are not directly members of ARIN, etc.  We

>should be able to come up with something that is not friendly to 
>SPAMMERS but also is acceptable to the ARIN membership and the internet

>community in general.

I just noticed this, even after I posted earlier about having private 
discussions.  ARIN's lists allow, actually encourage, replies to the
not the list.  That's a poor setup IMHO.  One must remember to change
To: to the ARIN address.  It's too easy to jot down a reply and hit send

without remembering to change the To: address.

I would propose a policy change to ARIN that their lists have replies go
the list and not the sender.  It's normally a simple change to most list

servers, it is on ours.

Again, my apologies...


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