[ppml] Revocation

Dr. Jeffrey Race jrace at attglobal.net
Wed Feb 19 04:41:32 EST 2003

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On Tue, 18 Feb 2003 22:11:12 -0500, Ron da Silva wrote:

>How do you define "sufficient investigation" ??

Adequate to prevent error according to the facts and 
complexity of the incident

>On Wed, Feb 19, 2003 at 08:29:31AM +0700, Dr. Jeffrey Race wrote:
>>  The RIRs are key enablers because they delegate the abused
>> resource.
>I think you mean, "RIRs delegate resources that later get abused."


>On Wed, Feb 19, 2003 at 08:46:29AM +0700, Dr. Jeffrey Race wrote:
>> I have nominated a definition of abuse which would capture 
>> 99.9% of it with (so far as I can tell) no false positives.
>> Please look at it and critique.
>I read through the "abuse" definition in section 6 and have a
>concern: "Abuse shall be deemed a pattern of offensive behavior..."
>I think "pattern" needs to be specific.  How is a pattern
>of this behavior defined, exactly?

I guess we could look in our dictionaries but for me, in this
matter, I would define it as a multiplicity of facts which
demonstrate an intention to abuse.    

Very very occasionally there are (in my experience) gray areas,
and I have reformed a few incipient spammers who thought what
they were doing was legitimate.   However almost in their
entirety spammers know what they are doing is wrong and take
careful steps to conceal their identities on both the upload
path (e.g. use open relays or abusable proxies or scripts) and
the return path (e.g. using untraceable toll-free numbers,
answering machines).

I should stress one point: the RIRs are not intended in my
plan to be acting against spammers.   That is not their or
our job.  They would act against delegatees of the IP address
space who operated on the Environmental Polluter business model
by allowing open relays, abusable proxies and scripts and the
like and by not responding to abuse complaints.   I believe 
the mallet of IP address space withdrawal would have to be used
very rarely (if at all) once it were announced that this sanction
existed.   (As every parent knows . . . . )

Jeffrey Race

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