[ppml] Proposal to change how the PPML LISTServ works

Chris Jones chris at telespan.co.uk
Wed Feb 19 04:33:24 EST 2003

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> Subject: [ppml] Proposal to change how the PPML LISTServ works
> I'd agree.  Getting added to all the CC's means that
> active posters end up getting multiple copies of the
> same thread.  this is annoying and a waste.
> the reply to should be the list.  if you want a private
> reply then edit the to: part of your out going msg.
> the attached email is in support of this change from another
> list user.

I totally agree with John here. Most other mailing lists are configured to
reply to the list, allowing the responder to *add* other recipients if they
consider this necessary.
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