[ppml] Revocation

McBurnett, Jim jmcburnett at msmgmt.com
Tue Feb 18 22:48:26 EST 2003

> -----
> UBE shall mean 
>   - messages, regardless of content, sent in multiple similar or 
>     identical copies to recipients who did not request to receive 
>     such messages from their sender.    
> In deciding whether a transmission shall be deemed UBE, common sense 
> shall be applied encompassing the totality of facts knowable about the
> transmission including subject line, actual content, source of 
> addresses, falsification of message parts, use of promiscuous relays 
> or proxies or other abusable resources, obfuscation of return path or
> true identity of sender, or history of sender's previous abuse as 
> recorded in any accessible database.
> -----
	Falsifacation includes, but is not limited to, the use of IP addresses
	or DNS information in the header that is known to be reserved by IANA...

I just got 7 messages with IANA reserved blocks in the header....


> Ok, suppose we define spam as above.  Now what?  Is there a mechanism
> to traceback ARIN resources currently in use by the 
> originator?  (As well
> as a clear mechanism to traceback the sender himself!) And 
> then, suppose
> we have identified that entity and its ARIN resources but that entity
> is not a direct member of ARIN.  What action do you
> propose be taken?
> -ron

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