[ppml] Abstract of proposed Internet Draft for Best Current Practice (please comment)

Owen DeLong owen at delong.com
Tue Feb 18 19:58:13 EST 2003

> To top it all off, many of these blocks, when SWIP'd, contain fraudulent
> information.  ICANN will revoke a fraudulent or invalid domain
> registration why can't ARIN revoke a fraudulent IP SWIP and if the block
> owner is found to also have fraudulent or invalid registration
> information they should have their entire block revoked.  That's the way
> the rest of the world works.  Do you think the FCC would allow someone to
> buy a block of frequencies and give them false contact info?  The FCC
> would yank the licenses immediately with NO refund.  ARIN must evolve to
> function like the rest of the world.  Apply existing fraud laws.  If
> someone obtains goods or services under misleading or fraudulent
> circumstances no matter the intended use they have violated criminal laws
> in every state and Federal laws as well.  Why can't ARIN use existing
> laws to go after them?
Here's the real problem, as I see it.  When a domain is revoked, name 
for that domain stops working at the root or TLD level.  When ARIN revokes
an IP, nothing happens until an ISP stops routing it.


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