[ppml] Revocation

Brian Bergin arin_ppml at comcept.net
Tue Feb 18 19:49:14 EST 2003

At 19:16 18 02 03 Tuesday, you wrote:
>Brian - Please send this to ppml at arin.net.  In order to have a productive
>policy discussion, we need this type of dialogue there.  Consider addressing
>which contact info is required, optional, how to interface with providers
>who are not directly members of ARIN, etc.  We should be able to come
>up with something that is not friendly to SPAMMERS but also is
>acceptable to the ARIN membership and the internet community in general.

I just noticed this, even after I posted earlier about having private 
discussions.  ARIN's lists allow, actually encourage, replies to the sender 
not the list.  That's a poor setup IMHO.  One must remember to change the 
To: to the ARIN address.  It's too easy to jot down a reply and hit send 
without remembering to change the To: address.

I would propose a policy change to ARIN that their lists have replies go to 
the list and not the sender.  It's normally a simple change to most list 
servers, it is on ours.

Again, my apologies...


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