[ppml] Abstract of proposed Internet Draft for Best Current Practice (please comment)

Ron da Silva ron at aol.net
Tue Feb 18 15:28:46 EST 2003


This thread has become a bit convoluted.  Let's split it up please.
I've tried to capture the different issues below.

First, ppml is not a list to discuss SPAM per se. (so please do NOT).
However, if we want to address certain policies or proposed policies
of ARIN that could impact SPAM practices, then lets do.  This is a
public policy list for ARIN.  So, we don't need to discuss domainname
revocation or routing announcements - neither service is provided
by ARIN.

Now, about allocations and assignments...

Suggested Thread #1: Revocation
I believe this thread began with the idea of having certain
services (allocations/assignments) revoked by ARIN under given
circumstances (namely fostering SPAM).  We need to be more
precise on which resources and under which conditions those
resources are to be revoked.

Suggested Thread #2: Enforcement
The motor vehicle registry can revoke a license to drive, but not
stop you from driving your car - that is the role of law enforcement.
ARIN currently has no mechanism to enforce policy other than removing
allocations/assignments or other database resources.  If there is
a specific suggestion on how ARIN could provide enforcement of
resources it manages, please take this to that thread (rename the
subject please)!

Suggested Thread #3: Selling /24's
There was an assertion that folks are purchasing /24's for abuse.
Sorry, simple taxonomy correction.  No address space is ever sold,
"leased" is the term here.  So, should there be an AUP that describes
leasing of space downstream?  If you have suggested policy for
that purpose, let's discuss.

Suggested Thread #4: Inaccurate/fraudulent data
Some concerns have been raised here regarding SWIP data, or data
in general.  Some work has been done here (2002-7) for in-addr's.
Perhaps there is some crisp policy suggestions that someone
would like to make here for discussion?

Suggested Thread #5: Collaboration with IETF
This might be along the lines of soBGP, etc. for authenticating BGP
announcements.  Perhaps ARIN could provide database information
for initial AS_to_allocation/assignments for BGP auth.  ARIN
has involvement with IETF and other organizations via its staff,
the AC and the BOT.  If there is a particular service or policy
that we should discuss regarding a specific technology, please
suggest it here.  ARIN involvement with other organizations is
more of a staff issue though, and not a specific policy topic.
(Richard - correct me if I'm wrong here!)

These are great topics.  Thanks!!


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