[ppml] Abstract of proposed Internet Draft for Best Current Practice

J Bacher jb at jbacher.com
Tue Feb 18 12:34:58 EST 2003

>> > >Your original post (possibly the first bullet point) suggested that ISPs
>> > >*prevent* this type of abuse.  What solutions can you offer that will
>> > >allow an ISP to prevent spam?
>>The question isn't one of ISP policy, it's posed from a technical
>>I can prevent outbound port 25 from all dialup/dsl/cable except to my
>>servers.  I can be proactive when handling spam complaints.
>That's quickly becoming a moot point.  There are plenty services both in 
>and out of North America that allow people to send SMTP

The recommendation was that ISPs prevent spam.  I'd like to know a solution 
that scales.

>>I find that, to many people, everything constitutes spam.  A single virus
>>transmission or a typoed email address is justification to submit a report
>>to any and every one that will listen.
>No.  Most AUPs have something to the effect of "if it could reasonability 
>be considered to result in complaints".  Every spammer

And I'm telling you, yes.

The point of view is of the complainant -- not the AUP of a company.

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