[ppml] Abstract of proposed Internet Draft for Best Current Practice (please comment)

Brian Bergin arin_ppml at comcept.net
Tue Feb 18 12:03:43 EST 2003

Not what I meant.  What I said was this IS a problem.  Entities buying 
large blocks, reselling them, then washing their hands of the 
responsibility is a HUGE problem.  I couldn't agree with you more.  They 
ARE as responsible as the abuser.  Sorry for any misunderstanding.


At 11:34 18 02 03 Tuesday, you wrote:

>   Being a vocal anti-spammer, I have to disagree with this statement (or
>did you not mean it to sound this way). Just because a provider SWIP's an
>address block to someone who deploys it on another network does not mean
>they are absolved of responsibility for its use. The "chain of custody" is
>critical. If a provider reassigns space and accepts no responsibility for
>its use, they should be considered as culpable as the actual abuser.
>On Tue, 18 Feb 2003, Brian S. Bergin wrote:
> > If I might, while I'm new to this list, I deal with the junk daily.  The
> > problem is ISPs and individuals buying large blocks of IPs then reselling
> > them to others and then washing their hands of the mess.  I can point you
> > to dozens of examples of this.  Someone goes out and buy 30-40 /24's then
> > sells them to whomever will pay for them and since they're not hosted on
> > the same backbone as the address owner they are not held liable by their
> > upstream provider(s) for the spam generated on the resold blocks.  Those
> > blocks often end up in Asia or South America where ISPs often do not
> > enforce any kind of AUP.
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