[ppml] ppml 2002-7

McBurnett, Jim jmcburnett at msmgmt.com
Fri Feb 14 11:03:35 EST 2003

>And what about the on-going viability of all the companies 
>with their own Class C????  What makes people think they so 
>much more stable then the provider? What happens to the IP 
>space that they have been allocated when they go under?

It seems this is very contradictory to your last post..
YEP, if everyone that multihomed had their own ARIN CLASS C
That end user could be more stable than the provider...
Case in point: My Company can trace it's root back over 100 years..
		One of my providers can go back 6 years.
		And even went through Chapter 11...
		Should I be more concerned about them than my company?
		YES YES YES!!!!!!!

>We need to learn from the existing telephone companies.. they 
>have been doing this for YEARS and have way more experience 
>then we do; assigning numbers, dealing with renumbering issues 
>etc.. that is.

Having worked for a CLEC and dealing with LECs, I have issue with
trusting this experience.  I have seen it take 5 days to issue
a Phone # and even longer to fix a call routing issue......
Oh and by the way they learned by trial and error.. Will that
trial and error apply to IP addressing? Maybe maybe not.
Are you willing to bank the stability of the Internet on that?
Jon Postel is rolling in his grave over that one.....
You do know who Jon is, right?

>Do you think that the phone companies would allow for everyone 
>to have their own phone number and be able to take it with 
>them should they move? No.. thought not. Why is that? Think 
>about for a bit.
UHH.. this is happening.. In the states local number portability
is soon to be extended to even cell phones....  And in the states
when Joe moves he can very well keep his # depending on his 
distance of the move...  AND depending on the ISP, I have seen 
a customer move 700 Miles and keep the same IP addresses...
It's all about routing...

>Maybe instead of looking for the 'quick' fix (allow companies 
>their own /24), we should be looking at the 'right' fix (how 
>can we make renumbering a snap).
A quick Fix? No this is about allowing IP's to be issued.. No
quick fix was ever mentioned!!
Anyway I thought you said in another email: 
>2) Renumbering happens, deal with it. It's a fact of life and part of working with networks.
Why changes your tune now??

>By making renumbering a very easy process, you actually will 
>create a benefit that is more usable to more people then 
>allowing a wholesale 'open season' on getting IP space.

Getting IP space is not the issue. It is conserving it until v6 comes



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