[ppml] ppml 2002-7

Forrest forrest at almighty.c64.org
Fri Feb 14 10:55:40 EST 2003

On Fri, 14 Feb 2003, Trevor Paquette wrote:

> > I don't see anything necessarily bad with a new swamp if all of the 
> > addresses in it are used to multihome.  It would be silly to 
> > assign a /24 
> > to someone that only connects to one provider, since you 
> The point that people who want it policy to be approved is just 
> opposite that.. they WANT the ability to use their own assigned Class C 
> and go anywhere with it; even if it is only one upstream ISP and even if 
> they only use 3 IPs out of the entire block.
> They feel that they are being held "hostage" by their ISP; and that 
> renumbering is "too difficult".. guess what.. get over it.

The way I read proposal 2002-7, it's not suggesting giving a /24 to anyone 
who asks for it, multihomed or not.  I agree, that would be silly and 
basically creating the same problems that the original /24 allocations 
caused.  The problems I see 2002-7 addressing are the problems a small 
organization might face when trying to multihome small blocks out of a 
provider's larger aggregate.  It pretty much defeats the purpose of 
multihoming if nobody will accept your /24 announcement.  Sure, if your 
provider is able to give you a /24 out of the old Class C space, you 
probably won't have any issues since ISP's that filter seem to do it on 
the old class boundries.  But if you're multihomed, then you're already 
adding routes to the global routing tables, so what difference does it 
make on the number of routes whether your /24 is from your provider's 
aggregate, or from a block assigned to you by ARIN?

> Ahh.. see here is the one of the keys to the fault of this policy.. 
> there is no clear reclamation process. The policy is totally without 
> merit until 'exact' criteria is outlined on how you can qualify for 
> space, retain that space on an ongoing timeframe, and how that space is 
> reclaimed.

I agree, there definitely would need to be strict requirements to obtain 
this space, as well as keep it.  Perhaps something like having to prove 
once a year that you are indeed still multihomed and announcing your 
routes to both upstreams.  If you aren't multihomed, your allocation and 
ASN get revoked.  How to go about doing this, that I don't know.  


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