[ppml] ppml 2002-7

McBurnett, Jim jmcburnett at msmgmt.com
Fri Feb 14 10:45:40 EST 2003

>The point that people who want it policy to be approved is 
>just opposite that.. they WANT the ability to use their own 
>assigned Class C and go anywhere with it; even if it is only 
>one upstream ISP and even if they only use 3 IPs out of the 
>entire block.

For The record:  I am trying to get Multihomed, Have 2 ISPs 
	in the building in the router, and 1 ISP would not MH me
	until I have the Address space Swiped to me.
And every policy will have the abusers,

>They feel that they are being held "hostage" by their ISP; and 
>that renumbering is "too difficult".. guess what.. get over it.

So is life....

>My opinion is that if this policy is passed, there will be a 
>massive land rush for IP space.. with more then 75% of the IPs 
>be unused. Just folks who want their own space cause they can 
>get it.. and let's not even get into the greymarket reselling 
>of these subnets; it can, does and will happen.

I have a Class C from my upstream, and I can honestly say that
50-60% of it is used..  BUT to Multi-home it has to be a Class C
So there is waste. And think about this: A class C subnetted to 
/30 is also wasteful... I have seen 3 consecutive Class C's subnetted
as all /30's HMMM that alone is 50% loss of usable IP's

There will be loss.. But that is the system.. If 50 companies 
want to multihome and they only use 10 IP addresses per company, 
you are wasting IP addresses, but the policy currently exists that 
allows this and is justifiable. Too late to comment on that, except to
amend it..
>Ahh.. see here is the one of the keys to the fault of this 
>policy.. there is no clear reclamation process. The policy is 
>totally without merit until 'exact' criteria is outlined on 
>how you can qualify for space, retain that space on an ongoing 
>timeframe, and how that space is reclaimed.


There are policies in place now for some reclamation but the RIR's
are too busy to work on it and they have no enforcement ability.
So why stress on reclamation if you can;t enforce it???


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