[ppml] ppml 2002-7

McBurnett, Jim jmcburnett at msmgmt.com
Tue Feb 11 12:40:41 EST 2003

OK... Please not comments below...
>But this is entirely the point behind the objections to 
>allocating /24s 
>We used to allocate /24s, and now we have a horrible mess of 
>space (the swamp, 205/8 is pre-/19 space).  Current allocation 
>policy has 
>not stopped people from announcing /24s, but it at least 
>allows people to 
>aggregate to a certain degree and still be able to reach the entire 

Aggregate- formed by the collection of units or particles 
	into a body, mass, or amount  as defined by Webster.

Purpose in routing-- to decrease the size of often unwieldy 
	route tables due to router constraints.

HMMM.. I seem to remember a PP be 2002-3 or -7 that specifically
	said one of the reasons that give cause to the /24 for
	small to mid-sized companies is the increase in the abilities
	of the lower priced routers to handle this..
	Especially the Cisco 2650XM and 2690 series.

With that said, what is the holdback.. 
As I see it.. it is the ISP's balking at routing my little ole /24
	from the 66.x.y.z block that is not on the class boundaries.

And this brings up the question:
	If their routers can't handle this, how in the world are they 
	going to be ready for IPv6?????

I really think we are talking about old school network engineers
that think their routers just won't handle it..
mostly I see Cisco 12000 doing the routing and the juniper equiv.
Sure the small ISPs will use 7200, and maybe 7500, but what are we
talking about here... The big boys are the holdup...

Anyway just my thoughts....


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