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Taylor, Stacy Stacy_Taylor at icgcomm.com
Tue Feb 11 14:19:15 EST 2003

It actually relates to previous discussions re: 2002-5 and 2002-6, (Amnesty
and Aggregation Requests).  If these policies are ratified and organizations
start returning blocks, there would be more swamp from which to allocate.
There probably will be issues regarding "cleanliness" of the blocks.
Should the Registry require some sort of verification that the blocks have
been completely renumbered?
Should the Registry refrain from reissuing the blocks for a longer time than
one year?

Is the growth of the swamp a valid reason to not ratify one or both of these


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But I guess I would have to wonder who had that address before me
If I got swamp space...
But that is another discussion... 

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>> Swamp space.. I have only a vague comprehension of this..
>> Can someone elaborate for me?
>> Thanks,
>> Jim
>Basically it's the old address space that /24's used to be allocated 
>directly from ARIN and can't be aggregated today.  Just to pick some 
>random examples.
>Those blocks are all allocated to different organizations and 
>have to be 
>announced as individual /24's to be reachable because no 
>larger aggregate 
>can be announced.

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