[ppml] cable policy refresh

Ron da Silva ron at aol.net
Wed Dec 24 12:21:05 EST 2003

We've been kicking around some issues wrt open cable and the current
cable allocation policy.  Feedback/interest would be welcomed to
determine if/how the cable policy might need an updated.  Attached is
some of the background discussion and one suggested draft policy
amendment.  We're looking for input to determine level of interest.

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 Current initial cable allocation policy is based on homes passed.
 Subsequent allocations are based on efficient utilization of previous
 allocations.  Where MSOs are providing ip addresses under an open
 cable architecture for non-affiliated ISPs offering services over
 the cable infrastructure, for routing, security or other policy reasons
 there may be a need to utilize discrete blocks for each ISP's
 DHCP pool.  Varying levels utilization within those discrete blocks
 may decrease overall utilization, and thus negatively impact the
 MSOs ability to obtain and assign address blocks to additional
 markets or other participating ISPs.  The current policy does not
 explicitly recognize the discrete blocks and instead determines
 efficient utilization based on all assignments, regardless of
 individual ISP utilizations.


 There also exists a multiple discrete networks policy that
 recognizes independent blocks.  Future allocations are determine
 by generally efficient utilization of all past allocation as well
 as some normalization based on the efficient utilization of each
 discrete block.


 Should MSOs be able to combine the two existing policies to
 accommodate their needs for discrete blocks in open cable architectures?
 Should the current cable allocation policy be updated to reflect
 this consideration?


 Amendment to the Cable Address Space Policy

 ARIN members obtaining address allocations under the Cable Address
 Space Policy who additionally are providing open access to their cable
 subscribers may request discrete blocks of addresses under this
 amendment so that each set of discrete blocks may be evaluated
 independently for justification and utilization according to the
 Cable Address Space Policy.

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